Working together to enhance the opportunities for
Amateur Radio across the World.

The first step on the Amateur Radio ladder is the Foundation Licence. The emphasis during your training and assessment is on general principles, and the ability to operate both VHF and HF equipment correctly and safely.

The course will be delivered by experienced Radio Amateurs who will follow a clearly defined training programme specified by the Radio Society of Great Britain and will cover the following topics:

The Nature of Amateur Radio
Licence Conditions
Technical Basics
Transmitters and Receivers
Feeders and Antennas
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Morse Code appreciation

The courses at Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club are focused on practical training in small groups providing you with every opportunity to be successful at achieving your first licence. We would like to acknowledge the help, support and materials provided by Essex Ham and the team. Foundation License support slides for Tutors are available here.

Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club is an approved Examination Centre. If you wish to enrol on a Foundation Course then Contact Us